Ethics Portals

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© Neil Palmer:CIAT

This portal is dedicated to all IREC/IRB and other Research Ethics members across CGIAR Centres. Currently, some Centres are performing IRB/IREC functions with no standardized procedures. This portal is a key repository of existing policies, templates, and other information on the theme of Research Ethics. It also hosts a discussion forum between its members – enabling them to streamline and coordinate procedures and efforts around Research Ethics.



Part of our mandate is to investigate allegations of misconduct on the part of CGIAR staff as well as wrongdoings committed by CGIAR partners and vendors. We can undertake these investigations ourselves within the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct. Designated staff within CGIAR Centres might also conduct these inquiries. Lastly, we might choose to delegate our investigative authority to outside experts. This portal is dedicated to CGIAR’s investigative community. It features the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct’s investigative resources such as its manual, templates, and other key documents. It also allows the Office of Ethics and Business Conduct to confidentially share information on specific matters with members of the CGIAR’s investigative community and initiate a dialogue on best practices.


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The Office of Ethics and Business Conduct, with support from colleagues in Centres, P&C, and many others, has built a body of awareness raising, training and reference materials, together known as Ethics Dialogues. Ethics Dialogues is a set of modules that cover aspects of ethics vis-à-vis CGIAR’s mandate and will be developed to help CGIAR staff make ethically right choices. Dialogues are facilitated by nominated facilitators, called Ethics Culture Champions (ECCs). This portal is dedicated to CGIAR ECCs. They will have access to a wide array of training resources (presentations, case studies, news articles etc.) they can use to hold short discussions on ethics in their respective Centres. The Portal will also allow ECCs to exchange ideas, as well as feature the events they have held and are planning to hold in a shared Calendar.